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Given current events, it’s sometimes hard to break away from negative and stressful thinking. Positive thinking was born in the USA in 1952, but really caught the popular imagination in 2010s. Today it’s present in books and videos aimed at personal development.   But positive thinking is something we can all learn. It’s part of a way of living where we have chosen

What can we use in a natural product ? Our range of natural products use ingredients from across Africa. While some of our raw ingredients, like shea butter or baobab oil are well known, others remain a well-guarded secret.   Lets take a closer look at some of our less well-known ingredients and their remarkable properties.  Kinkeliba Kinkeliba is a plant that grows in the

While some women are less concerned about the composition of their beauty products, some choose natural products, while others opt for vegan and/or organic cosmetics. Each woman is unique so her beauty routine needs to be too! Lakroz offers a range of natural and vegan cosmetics created by women for women with an ethical and ecologically responsible philosophy. That’s why we’re constantly

It’s hard to visit the store today without finding natural beauty products or organic cosmetics. In fact, they’ve become an integral part of our everyday lives. We are now more demanding and more attentive than ever to the products we use in our beauty routines to make your natural beauty shine while protecting our wellbeing. But it’s easy to get lost when


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