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Positive thinking everyday

Given current events, it’s sometimes hard to break away from negative and stressful thinking. Positive thinking was born in the USA in 1952, but really caught the popular imagination in 2010s. Today it’s present in books and videos aimed at personal development.   But positive thinking is something we can all learn. It’s part of a way of living where we have chosen and learned to see the glass half-full.   It helps us live longer, to stay well and to make the most of our personal and professional lives. So, let’s take a closer look at the power of positive thinking… 

Finding the best in everything   

After an argument or a hurtful comment, negativity, stress and anxiety can quickly gain the upper hand over happiness. That’s when we start to dwell on all the bad stuff which can easily spoil our day completely. Rather than concentrating on the details, positive thinking places the emphasis on accentuating the positives.  In short, positive thinking means finding positives even the more challenging moments. Like an opportunity for personal improvement, or the help a work colleague might give us… Ok, so it’s easier said than done. The psychologist Barbara Fredrickson said that to overcome one bad though takes three positive ones. So, now you know why we say positive thinking is a learning curve.  

Reasons to be cheerful…  

Put simply, it’s because it brings a lot to our lives, and to those around us. Positive thinking means always looking for solutions and not giving up. It helps us move forwards with all our projects and helps generate new ideas. Seeing the glass half-full means succeeding and completing our projects. Discouragement doesn’t lead to giving up, but to perseverance. Being negative doesn’t inspire others to join us. Some people love to criticise and only point out things that aren’t working out, while others just aren’t aware that they’re doing it. But isn’t it more rewarding to be around someone who smiles and is optimistic? What’s more, being positive helps beat stress and helps maintain wellness. Positive thinking means we look after ourselves – mind and body! And that means we live healthier, happier, longer lives.  

The key to positivity 

To help make positive thinking second nature, we all need to start by identifying the moments where negative thinking takes hold. From that moment we can think about and make sense of the behaviour of friends who might have upset us for example. It’s equally important not to constantly think about the future, but to live in the moment. The future is blank page, and we’re all a little scared of the unknown. Instead of imagining the worst, let’s try to hope for the best. We might not realise it but this just makes us appreciate the moment we’re in all the more.  

The last piece of advice is to identify the moments where we can be positive. For example, a moment where we could give an encouraging word to someone, a helping hand, a smile, or just to listen.   We can also allow ourselves 30 minutes to relax with a face mask or body scrub from Lakroz for example.  ;) There’s nothing quite like it after a hard day’s work, right? Using natural cosmetic products is a good for us and helps us enjoy clear skin with a clear conscience. And it’s a perfect complement to the new, positive you!  Isn’t it time you tried it out?  

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