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While some women are less concerned about the composition of their beauty products, some choose natural products, while others opt for vegan and/or organic cosmetics. Each woman is unique so her beauty routine needs to be too!

Lakroz offers a range of natural and vegan cosmetics created by women for women with an ethical and ecologically responsible philosophy.

That’s why we’re constantly listening to women from all walks of life to learn about their beauty routine and beauty secrets.

For our very first Chat with Lakroz, we’re delighted to welcome Dora, 24, and Maëva, 25, a pair of friends with a passion for dance.

Tell us about your beauty routine?

Dora: I’d say my beauty routine is really minimalist as I don’t use a whole lot of products. Generally, each morning I cleanse my face with a cleansing mousse then I use a face brush, but I also like using Aleppo soap as an alternative. After that I apply a moisturising cream or aloe vera gel to hydrate my skin.

In the evening I remove my makeup using micellar water.

About once a week in the evening I use a facial scrub then a mask.

Maëva: So, I try to adapt my routine according to my skin’s needs.

When I was younger I had very oily skin. I was 8 when I first started getting spots.

Growing up, taking care of my skin was essential.

Despite having mixed skin today, I’m never completely safe from skin issues which can be caused by hormones or food, but also by my emotions.

So, to avoid them as much as possible, day-to-day, I wash my skin with:

            – natural soap – goat’s milk, almond, black soap – it changes from time to time,

            – or a gentle scrub – to deep-cleanse my pores, remove blackheads, and control skin oils.

Also, I change the way I hydrate between moisturising creams and oil. I think oily to mixed skin types need to be just as well hydrated.

Two or three time a week I use a purifying and mattifying mask.

What’s the first thing you look for in a beauty product?

Dora: So, first off, I look for effectiveness, then whether its suitable for my skin type. And if it’s an organic product or a natural product and also if it’s at an affordable price, it’s perfect.

Maëva: I’ve always chosen my products according to the needs of my skin, but also by finding out about their benefits and according to advice from my friends and their own experience.

I don’t have a preference for natural products, but it’s a bonus in the composition of a product.

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us?

Dora: I certainly do! Ladies, always apply your moisturising cream all over your body after you shower. You’ll thank me later!

And to control excess skin oil on oily skin, aloe vera is your best friend! 

Maëva: The only hint I can give you is to wash your face and rinse off your facial scrubs and masks with cold water in order to close up your pores.

For a long time, I cleansed my skin with warm water and even if it’s good, it’s not ideal for my skin-type.

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