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More and more, we are speaking about natural products… Recently, many of the products commonly found in health and beauty products, such as paraben, silicone, triclosan, have been found to have damaging effects for your health.

This growing awareness has led to the increasing development of natural products and a growing interest among consumers that has created a buzz in the cosmetics market. Nevertheless, this shift is still not universal.

If you have yet to become one of the countless women for whom using natural cosmetics is a must, here are a few reasons why it may be time for a change…

Unarguable effectiveness 

Among her many mysteries, Mother Nature offers us a whole host of plants and natural riches with a range of properties.

Each year, more than 2,000 plants are discovered!

A lot of people think “natural products” and “effective products” are mutually exclusive. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Products created using vegetable or mineral extracts are by and large more responsibly sourced and better suited to our bodies. They absorb more easily into the skin and allow a deep action without risk to your health. The result is less risk of intolerance or skin irritation. 

Nature gives us vegetable products which respond to each of the challenges facing our skin, whether it’s hydration, ageing or imperfections

For instance, did you know that parsley leaves have anti-ageing properties to act against crows’ feet? Or that poppies have reviving properties?

The benefits are boundless and each woman can find natural products that perfectly meet her needs.

Natural products : for us, but not just us…

By using natural products, each consumer becomes a stakeholder in ecologically responsible production on a number of levels.

In this way, the consumer can make informed decisions and use products which, as well as being natural, are sourced in such a way as to respect plant and animal life and not simply those from intrusive, intensive, destructive production methods.

Furthermore, when we use natural body scrubs or facial masks, it removes the risk of water pollution when rinsing.

The aim of natural products is to return to a clean beauty routine that uses products where each ingredient is justified and truly beneficial, not only for us but also for the planet. It also allows your natural beauty to shine!

The natural products … Inside LAKROZ 

At Lakroz we are conscious of these powerful natural riches. That’s why we want to bring together their properties to offer you products that are both natural and environmentally friendly.

The natural creams, masks, scrubs and cleansing products we offer are sourced from trees and fruits in turn sourced from sustainable, responsible farming and programmes that promote biodiversity.

For instance, we use kinkeliba, prized as a plant rich in antioxidants, and m’balaka oil, which to give you naturally soft skin. For dry skin and irritated skin, we recommend using shea butter or baobab oil. 

Wild grape is super-effective against reddening, imperfections and spots while being kind to your skin. 

And each of our products is perfectly adapted for sensitive skin, oily skin or mixed skin types!

We also use other natural resources such as desert date and Barbary fig while always ensuring our ecologically responsible production methods. 

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