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We’ve all had spots appear in the wrong place at the worst possible moment: before an important meeting, a presentation, a special occasion… Acne affects around 80% of young people, and a quarter of women from 25 to 40 years old.  While most acne is light, with only the occasional spot, there is also acute acne. Severe acne is an inflammatory disease generally requiring medical treatment. Excess skin oils, or sebum, is the primary factor for these unsightly spots. But other causes may be responsible for problem skin including diet, stress, and pollution… Face mapping can help to identify the cause of the spots according to the zone in which they’re found. 

What is face mapping?

Face mapping originated in China. It’s practised in Chinese traditional medicine and consists of finding the cause of occasional acne according to its location.  For practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine, our face is the window to our body, our state of health and the harsh effects of the world around us. A face with spots in specific areas can reveal a problem with our diet, our hormones or our liver. Note: This method is not recommended or scientifically proven. 

1 – Forehead

Spots on your forehead can be due to foods that are too rich in fat or sugar. The best course of action is to drop them and adopt a healthier, more varied diet.  This will also help keep your digestive system in better shape. Nevertheless, if you wear your hair in a fringe, this can stop your skin from breathing, resulting in spots.  It can also be the result of bad sleep or stress. 

2 – Eyebrows

If you find that spots have set up home between your eyebrows, it could be your liver taking revenge for that cocktail night. Too much alcohol can influence the growth of spots between your eyebrows.  The only solution available is to go easy on the drink.

3 – Nose 

If you find you have spots on your nose, it could be time to cut out the churros and fast-food as it can be a sign of high cholesterol.   So, say ciao to chocolate spread, and swap it for good fats. Try eating oily fish, almonds, nuts, eggs…

4 – Jaw

Spots on your chin can appear during your period. It’s all to do with your hormones.  The only solution is to ensure your healthy lifestyle and cleanse your face with a cleansing lotion.

5 – Cheeks

Spots on your cheeks are linked to smoking. So it could be your lungs sending you a warning!  They can also be due to your make-up or the state of the brushes you’re using so don’t forget to clean them regularly.  Your mobile can be a hotbed for bacteria, accumulating all kinds of dirt to deposit it on your cheeks and provoke skin break-outs. 

6 – Chin

Just like your brow, your chin is sensitive to bad diet. These spots are the result of issues with your stomach and digestive system. Try a detox using green tea and rebalancing your diet. 

7 – Temples

This could be a warning from your kidneys! Spots on your temples are a sign of dehydration.  Toxins and impurities need to be constantly eliminated. We recommend drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water each day. The rest is up to you…

These recommendations are for those of you with occasional skin flare-ups and no acute or chronic acne. Chronic acne requires special treatment from a dermatologist. 

Some Lakroz products that can help…

To avoid these little blemishes, we offer effective natural products as part of a complete natural skin care routine. Ingredients like kinkeliba and wild grape in our products have rich anti-acne and anti-pollution properties. They’re perfect for every skin type and let you restore the balance of your skin, removing all impurities. 

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