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Natural, accessible and super-effective, essential oils have taken over our bathrooms recent years. The desire to return to a clean routine, for beauty without chemicals, has allowed these skincare essentials to become household names. In fact, these oils are a long-held secret – with some first used as beauty treatment as far back as ancient Egypt! Baobab Rich in beneficial antioxidants, and

In vogue for just a few years now, holistic beauty is a new concept based on the principle that inner beauty radiates outwards to compliment your outer beauty. The main goal is no longer to seek "perfection" but to feel good in your mind and body. Be yourself The first rule of this beauty philosophy is to be yourself. It’s no secret

We recently explored the secrets of Africa’s most iconic fabric, Wax, but the continent is home to other textile treasures, including bazin. The origins Bazin, closely related to bombazine, is a damask or brocade fabric that originated in England, and enjoyed huge popularity in the 18th and 19th Centuries. During the 19th and 20th centuries it arrived in Africa via Mali, where a

For our fifth interview in this series, we’re pleased to welcome Oanh and Florence, two active woman who like to look after themselves.  At Lakroz, we’re all about meeting women and finding out about their beauty routines. Each woman is unique, and so is her way of taking care of her skin. So, who better than women to talk about

As you’ll soon discover, just like our beauty products, our packaging also takes its inspiration from Africa. In fact, the idea behind their design comes from Wax, the colourful cotton fabric that’s become an emblem of Africa. The origins of African Wax Prints Today, it’s almost impossible to think of “wax” aka Dutch Wax Prints or Ankara without immediately thinking of Africa.


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