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It’s hard to visit the store today without finding natural beauty products or organic cosmetics. In fact, they’ve become an integral part of our everyday lives.

We are now more demanding and more attentive than ever to the products we use in our beauty routines to make your natural beauty shine while protecting our wellbeing.

But it’s easy to get lost when faced with all these organic beauty products and natural cosmetics that stores offer.

The use of terms like “natural” and “organic” can easily confuse matters, and some brands make a big deal of this recent trend.

So, what is the difference between natural products and organic products? And can we really trust the claims?

Organic products:

Organic beauty products must be composed of 95% naturally-sourced ingredients. The remaining 5% are comprised of safe, clearly defined chemical products. They cannot contain, for example, parabens, perfumes, etc.

But how can we be sure?

That’s where the certification organisations come into the picture. Thanks to them, the entire production process can be checked and an “organic product” label applied if the brand meets criteria like the absence of GMOs, recyclable packaging, and promoting biodiversity.

However, as certification doesn’t come cheap, certain brands of natural cosmetics are also organic but don’t  bear the label.

Natural products:

Natural beauty products are also sourced from animal-, vegetable-, or mineral-based ingredients such as milk and honey.

Just like with organic products, they also need to be composed of 95% natural ingredients.

So, the difference lies in the certification and validation of the production chain.

Unlike organic products, natural products don’t undergo the same checks concerning the origin of the ingredients or their environmental impact.

In short, the consumer has to trust the brand regarding this label. To earn that trust, the brand needs to be totally transparent and offer natural products which respect the values that it claims.

In short, all organic products are natural, but not all natural products are necessarily organic. Clear?

Organic cosmetics … And Lakroz?

As for Lakroz , we use 96% naturally-sourced products.

Our creams, masks, exfoliants and cleansing products specially formulated for your face and body use ingredients directly extracted from mineral or vegetable sources such as shea butter, kinkeliba and baobab oil. Nature has given us oils and active ingredients with a wealth of different properties and unique characteristics, each perfect for a specific need.

These natural riches are mainly sourced from African countries we work hand in hand with, such as Senegal, Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

We constantly check that our supply of raw ingredients is sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible.

To respect our ethical stance regarding nature and sustainability, we also work with a laboratory that shares our values. 

That’s how we’re able to offer a range of sustainable, fair-trade, natural products that work with your skin.

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