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Shea butter may not be so well known in Europe, but this versatile natural ingredient is widely used throughout Africa as a natural way to moisturise and protect skin!

The shea tree grows mainly on Africa’s savannahs, producing a fruit that contains an almond-like nut similar. This remarkable fruit stone is made up of approximately 50% oils.

The extraction of the rich oils is generally done in the traditional fashion. After the kernel has been washed and dried in the sun, it is crushed and roasted. The resulting mixture is then pounded, mixed with water and whipped to form butter.

A second method consists of cold-pressing the stone and extracting the oil. This technique preserves the natural properties as much as possible.

The composition

Rich in vitamins A, D, E et F, shea butter boasts numerous properties to help repair and care for skin, leaving it supple, soft and deeply hydrated. It also helps maintain skin’s natural elasticity thanks to its moisturising and protective qualities.

How shea butter cares for your skin


Shea butter softens, soothes and protects the skin. With its proven effects against irritation, eczema and cracking, this amazing active ingredient’s calming and anti-inflammatory properties are legendary.


This nectar is also a powerful moisturiser. Using it helps hydrate your skin to the core and combat the signs of drying.


The vitamins in shea oil imbue the butter with amazing antioxidant properties, to help reduce dark marks and scars and even promote cell renewal.


If you want a natural ingredient to reduce reddening or stretch-marks, then shea butter is just the thing you’ve been looking for. Massaging skin with this nectar helps to reduce graininess.

Shea for hair-care

This fruit isn’t just great for skin, it’s also amazing as a hair product! More commonly used on frizzy hair, it’s also pretty good on straight hair too, adding shine and silkiness as well as an extra layer of protection. To avoid overloading your hair, take care to ensure balance by choosing the right dosage.

And how about Lakroz?

At Lakroz, we use shea butter in each and every product! It’s such an iconic tree in Africa, we felt we couldn’t go without showing off its natural benefits!

Our shea butter is sourced from Ghana and Burkina Faso and, combined with other amazing natural ingredients from across Africa, it releases a whole host of benefits for your skin. So, say ‘Hi!’ to wonderfully soft skin.

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