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For our latest interview, we’re talking to the two members of the Lakroz team about their beauty routine! So, we’re delighted to introduce Alexandra, the founder of the brand, and Claire, marketing and communications manager! Ready?

 So, tell us about yourselves…

Alexandra: My name’s Alexandra, I’m 48 years old and I’m the founder of Lakroz. I love cooking tasty dishes and desserts for my family and friends and sharing them in a relaxed moment together. I’m also quite sporty, there’s no better way to stay trim after all that cooking!

Claire: I’m Claire and I’m 21. I’ve been in charge of marketing and communications at Lakroz since September. I also love sport, food, travel and anything related to art and culture!

So, before you tell us about your routines, what are your skin-types?

 Alexandra: I guess you could say I have normal skin.

Claire: I’ve got mixed skin. It can get irritated sometimes, after cleansing but also in winter.

Tell us about your beauty routine?

Alexandra: I cleanse my face every morning with a cleansing lotion. Then I apply a contour serum around my eyes, followed by a hydrating day cream. In the evening, after using the cleansing lotion to remove the day’s impurities, I apply a nourishing night cream. Faces need to be hydrated in the morning and nourished at night – it’s essential to have two different products that are suited for each use.

Once a week I use a face scrub and a mask. It’s my Saturday night ritual. I leave the mask on all night to take full advantage of its benefits. I also use a body scrub once a week that helps to reinvigorate my skin. Then I apply a hydrating body cream.

Claire: In the morning I cleanse my skin with a little help from a soft, natural cleanser. Then I apply lavender flower water that I give the time to absorb. Once my skin is dry, I apply a concealer fluid then a hydrating cream, to which I add a few drops of serum. When I feel the need, I replace the concealer with aloe vera gel.

In the evening I remove my makeup with hazelnut oil, then rinse with micellar water. After that, I follow the same routine as the morning.

Once a week I use a scrub, followed by a face mask.

I exfoliate my body using a scrub once a week too.

What’s the first thing you look for in a beauty product?

Alexandra: I always buy products with a high concentration of natural ingredients. I’m aware that it’s difficult to find 100% natural due to the need for preservatives, in particular to keep the texture, or perfumes to make it smell food. I also keep in mind the brand’s history and its values. Transparency and honesty are two values that are central to the LAKROZ brand, and they’re equally important for other brands whose products I choose.

Claire: The first things I look for are the ingredients, its effectiveness, and its value-for-money. I try to use natural, wholesome products as much as possible. It’s important to know what you’re putting on your skin!

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us?

Alexandra: Be kind to yourself, be yourself, be natural. Avoid so-called wonder products to hide white hairs and wrinkles, and which promise eternal youth. Try to use organic and natural products which work for you, and which aren’t trying to change you. You’re never more beautiful than when you’re happy!

Claire: Oils as makeup removers, and flower waters are something I really recommend. There’s one for everyone!

If I had a second piece of advice to give, it would be to cleanse your skin well every evening – even if sometimes you’re just not feeling the love! It’s really essential for clean, bright skin and to avoid the little imperfections.


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