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The more time passes, the more we start to see our skin losing its natural elasticity and fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet starting to appear. But how about if you could slow down their arrival thanks to a totally natural technique – facial massage! Face massaging is an ancient technique given to us by traditional Chinese medicine, but before we

Shea butter may not be so well known in Europe, but this versatile natural ingredient is widely used throughout Africa as a natural way to moisturise and protect skin! The shea tree grows mainly on Africa’s savannahs, producing a fruit that contains an almond-like nut similar. This remarkable fruit stone is made up of approximately 50% oils. The extraction of the rich

A natural tonic used for generations, kinkeliba is a plant native to West Africa, particularly Senegal, Mali and Sudan. It is consumed as an infusion and it is traditional to drink it 3 times, that is, the first infusion with a slice of lemon, while the second and third infusions are weaker and served with milk. A mainstay of herbal medicine

Between lockdowns and masks, our beauty routines have changed beyond recognition, becoming increasingly minimalist. This reduction in the frequency and amount of products we’re using has led to a new beauty trend, skin fasting. What is skin fasting? Put simply, skin fasting means giving your skin a break by limiting as much as possible the cosmetics products you use, over an extended


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