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Between lockdowns and masks, our beauty routines have changed beyond recognition, becoming increasingly minimalist. This reduction in the frequency and amount of products we’re using has led to a new beauty trend, skin fasting.

What is skin fasting?

Put simply, skin fasting means giving your skin a break by limiting as much as possible the cosmetics products you use, over an extended period that can last from several days up to a whole month.

This fasting gives skin a chance to naturally balance itself, and the results speak for themselves. Skin has a remarkable natural cycle but it can often suffer from the sheer weight of products we use, so this technique can help reduce problems like acne or oiliness.

How does skin it work?

American beauty writer Olivia Muenter tried out skin fasting over a number of months. Initially sceptical bordering on terrified of the results, she kept just three products out of her regular 10: a cleansing lotion, a toning cream and a moisturiser. From the very first week, she saw a clear improvement in her skin texture, an even a reduction in acne and breakouts. For her, this experience was a revelation!

Successful fasting gives back control to skin while continuing to care for it. The key is to know your skin type, without ignoring hydration or its basic needs.  For example, go for a morning and evening cleanser followed by a moisturizing cream. This needs to be rich if you have dry skin, or light if you have oily skin.

Nevertheless, there is no minimum or maximum – simply go with what feels right. If eye contours are an essential for you, keep it! There’s no need to over-think it. The main thing is to try to limit yourself but also to do some good!

Skin fasting is all the more effective because it reduces the use of products containing chemical substances, which can dry and irritate! That’s why this routine works so well, helping skin regenerate to become more radiant and less prone to attack.

What’s more, if your products are natural, your skin will get everything it needs and you’ll enjoy the full benefits of this ultra-simple beauty routine! Just remember to try it for a minimum of 2 weeks to see the first results.

The only exception is mature skin, as this has less capacity to protect and regenerate, so it’s recommended to maintain a complete routine for this skin type.

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