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In vogue for just a few years now, holistic beauty is a new concept based on the principle that inner beauty radiates outwards to compliment your outer beauty. The main goal is no longer to seek “perfection” but to feel good in your mind and body.

Be yourself

The first rule of this beauty philosophy is to be yourself. It’s no secret that stress has a major impact on our appearance, but with holistic beauty, you can take it all as it comes, and the world can take you as it finds you, despite any flaws.

We should look for honesty in all our relationeships and accept it. For instance, makeup shouldn’t be something to hid behind. Above all it should be a way of accentuating what we love most about ourselves. So try to forget about how others see you, and concentrate on yourself. It’s good for the soul!

Rest and relaxation

This concept also adheres to the rules of ‘be kind to yourself’ and ‘take the time to relax’. Try to let go of your cares, stresses, negative thoughts, and worries, and take some me-time.

Sport is often the best solution and accompanied with a healthy diet you’re good to go!

Holistic beauty is all about taking the time smell the roses. Seeing the beauty in a landscape or a sunset, or simply the people we share our lives with. But it’s also about being calm and centred, listening to the music of life and relaxing. It’s not so different from the concept of slow-living, where the goal is to become more conscious. It all helps you to live in, and for, the moment, all of which shows up in your face. Trust us!

Accentuate the positive

When you’re using your beauty products, focus on the positives – the things you like about your face, rather than the minor imperfections. For instance, try to think about your soft, smooth cheeks, rather than your fine lines. 😉

Also, during your beauty regime try to visualise all the good stuff that you’re doing for your skin to bring out that extra sparkle. And try not to criticise. Loving and valuing yourself lets you make positive changes. Changing the way you see a flaw will make it disappear before your very eyes, and everyone else’s. You’ll never see things the same way!

Achieving inner beauty…

  • Be positive in the way you see yourself
  • Give yourself some ‘me time’ every day, and bring a little wellness into your life
  • Smile, as they say, and the whole world smiles with you
  • Play sport, read, and give your soul a break from the everyday concerns
  • Be happy, be honest, be yourself

This advice might seem a bit esoteric, but just watch how it helps bring out your inner beauty.

Holistic beauty brings together nature, simplicity, sport, diet and wellness. Try to set yourself a few easy goals and let’s go! What have you got to lose?

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