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We have seen the 6 steps to perfect skin, but there is an other secret… It is no longer a secret that our diet plays on the quality of our skin texture. A combination of rich food with a bad hydration could have repercussions on our complexion… Knowing that, what kind of food makes us look gorgeous?

1 – Carrots

It is common sense that carrots are good for the production of melanin. It actually helps to give a beautiful complexion to our skin. Let’s add to this that it is also an powerful antioxidant!

2 – Red fruits

They are as tasteful as they are a treat for the skin! Their consumption allows to purify it and to limit the imperfections. Enjoy yourself while purifying your skin… Who said it was difficult to take care of yourself?

3 – Almonds

Dried fruits are an excellent source of an healthy diet and boost our immune system . Did you know that they all have their own specificities?

Eating a handful of almonds every day is perfect to make your skin shiny and new !

The nutrients in these nuts improve skin’s elasticity and nourish the skin.

4 – Kiwis

A kiwi is incredibly rich in C vitamin. It is one of the most effective natural anti-wrinkles! Kiwis firmly slow down the aging of the epidermis. What else can you expect from a fruit !

5 – Salmon

Oily fish are a fantastic source of nutriments and a booster for your body . generous  in Omega 3  and zinc, they are so effective in protecting the skin from daily aggressions and offer a natural shield from any forms of acne.

6 – Olive oils

Amazingly rich in saturated fat, olive oils are known for their anti-dry skin benefits. Use them generously in your cooking, rather than butters or other oils. `

7 – Tomatoes

Did you know that all red & orange vegetables and fruits are an asset  for your  complexion! Tomatoes are especially appreciated for their regenerating virtues and will give your skin a special glowing.

8 – Green teas

The current absorption of green teas helps of course hydration, essential for a great looking healthy skin. Green teas help to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin! You could never drink enough green tea, they are a wonderful partner of your health !

9 – Avocados

The absolute king of  antioxidants, avocados are  full of E vitamin,  that will soften and moisturize your skin. Your skin will appear luminous and fresh. You will look gorgeous!

10 – Garlic

A recognized source of A,B and C  vitamins, Garlic is the antidote to a tired skin, it illuminates the epidermis. Never hesitates to add this precious condiment to your recipes!


Those tips will help you  to cook beautiful, balanced recipes that are not only good for the body but also for your skin! You can treat yourself with small pleasures but it is important to regularly enhance your dishes with healthy, unprocessed foods. Your skin will never thank you enough for that!

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