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Natural, accessible and super-effective, essential oils have taken over our bathrooms recent years. The desire to return to a clean routine, for beauty without chemicals, has allowed these skincare essentials to become household names. In fact, these oils are a long-held secret – with some first used as beauty treatment as far back as ancient Egypt!


Rich in beneficial antioxidants, and with rich nourishing and regenerative properties, this remarkable oil can satisfy many of your skin’s needs, and can even help to reduce stretch-marks. Baobab oil contains 70% unsaturated fatty acids, which deeply hydrate and nourish, making truly something special, particularly for dry and mature skin!

Find it in our Délicate Détox body scrub.


Coconut oil has an almost infinite number of uses, from cooking oil to hair oil, make-up, to moisutriser, as well as oral and dental hygiene – it’s a real jack of all trades!

It’s also a rich source of vitamins A and E that can effectively help to combat the signs of ageing and stimulate circulation. It’s also proven to be an excellent protection against free radicals caused by pollution.

The vitamin K in coconut oil helps to reduce fine lines, purify the skin, and reduce stretch-marks during pregnancy. You can even use it daily if you don’t have oily skin or are prone to spots.

An added bonus? It’s amazing as a make-up remover. Try it, we think you’ll love it!


Jojoba is one oil that’s perfect for every skin type! In fact, it’s similar to human sebum and helps to balance greasy or mixed skin.

Easily absored by the skin, it can even be used if you’re prone to acne. It also has super-soothing qualities and can even help to heal cuts, and its nourishing qualities will make dry skin sing. Put all of this together and it’s perfect defence against the elements and irritations.

Finally, it’s a great way to ward off the signs of ageing, with a toning quality that helps fight off those fine lines. What’s not to love?


Popular for centuries in Japan and South Korea, camelia is prized for its age-defying properties. The flower is even the symbol of eternal youth in Asia !

Just like jojoba, camelia oil shares many characteristics with human sebum, meaning it nourishes the epidermis and helps fight irritation.

It’s also rich in fatty acids that give it a natural antioxidant quality, slowing the ageing process and protecting collagen, the enemy of crows’ feet. Ideal for dry skin, it is equally at home with oily skin.

These essential oils can be used in their purest form, morning and evening. Just massage a few drops gently into your face along with your moisturising cream

2 oils that are the well-kept secrets in our beauty products


Natural m’balaka oil is highly valued for its concentrations of Omega-9 and Omega-6, but also thanks to two rare fatty acids, which together offer your skin a soft, velvety feeling.

It’s also rich in vitamin F which add suppleness and elasticity to your epidermal layer. You’ll find it in our Douce Protection face cream and Onctueux Apaisement facial mask!

Desert date

Desert date oil is naturally high in essential fatty acids. These allow it to nourish, moisturise and soften skin, while vitamins A and E make it a treat for dry and oily skin alike!

You can check out its secrets in our Caresse Nourrissante body cream, Douce Protection face cream, Délicate Détox facial scrub and Onctueux Apaisement facial mask!

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