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Direct from Japan, Layering is a traditional make-up method that consists of building up beauty treatments in the morning and evening in a specific order. In Asia, beauty is first and foremost about skin purity, and Layering gives women an effective skincare ritual which gives their skin perfect colouring.

A beauty technique divided into six steps, it’s essential to know your skin type in order to get the products you, and your skin need most.

How to know your skin type…

Dry skin: If you suffer from constant dryness, itching or chapping, irritation after cleansing, or fragile and flakiness, it’s essential to nourish regularly.

Dehydration: If the signs of chapping are only occasional, and limited to certain areas of your face, such as your cheeks, you need to hydrate. You might also notice fine lines caused by dehydration in the corners of your eyes.

Mixed skin: ‘Mixed’ can mean chapping and irritation on your cheeks, with shiny patches across the T-zone. It’s time to restore balance with different products for the dry and oily areas. 

Greasy skin: If your suffer from shine, with open pores and imperfections like blackheads, you need a hydrating product and an anti-imperfection cream with matifying properties. 

Build me up, buttercup: the six stages of Layering

Step 1: Make-up remover

Step 2: Cleanser

Step 3: Toning lotion

Step 4: Serum

Step 5: Cream

Step 6: Eye contours 

Step 1: Make-up removal (evenings)

Depending on your skin type, you can choose a milk or micellar water. Dry skin likes a milk while mixed or oily skin prefers micellar water. Here, we’re using a make-up remover oil to remove all make-up, especially from the around the eyes, whether or not its waterproof. Each oil has its own benefits: hazelnut oil is perfect for acne for example. The only problem is the smell, which might leave you with a craving for a certain chocolate hazelnut spread… 😉

The key is to cleanse after applying it so as not to clog the pores. So far, so good; now for the second step! 

Step 2: Cleanser (morning and evening)

After rinsing with clean water, it’s time to cleanse with a cleanser to eliminate any impurities. This can be a soap, a mousse or a gel. If you choose to use soap, try one with charcoal or carbon to gently exfoliate your face. Alternatively, a gel with aloe vera will reinvigorate your skin, leaving it naturally fresh.

Step 3: Toning lotion (morning and evening)

Gives your face its natural radiance back by eliminating impurities and soothing. You can use floral water as required, such as rose water for sensitivity or lavender for imperfections.

You can also choose Lakroz’s Fraîche Légèreté cleansing lotion with active kinkeliba and aloe vera Gives your face its natural colouring back by eliminating impurities and soothing. 

Step 4: Serum (morning and evening)

The key with serum is its concentration. This richness gives a deeper action than just a simple cream. Choose your serum according to your needs: hydrating, lightening dark circles, smoothing, brilliance…

Step 5: Cream (morning and evening)

Cream helps to hydrate and protect your face. Like serum, choose one according to the needs of your skin. Try using a richer moisturiser at night to help regeneration. Made with wild raisin, desert date and m’balaka, Lakroz Douce Protection is a perfect shield! 

Step 6: Eye contours (morning and evening)

The epidermis around your eyes is very thin, so it’s also very fragile. Whether or not you have signs of aging, step 6 is essential, even at 25 years old! 😉 

Just like here, women in Asia like to prevent the signs of aging and start using an eye contour product early. So, it’s natural that this Step is included in the Layering routine for women of all ages. 

More mature skin should look at anti-wrinkle eye contour creams. While younger skin needs a product to moisturise, soothe and reduce dark circles. If you want to try Layering, keep in mind that your skin renews itself every 21 days, so you might not see the results straight away. 

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