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Une femme est unique et sa routine beauté le sera tout autant...

For our fifth interview in this series, we’re pleased to welcome Oanh and Florence, two active woman who like to look after themselves.  At Lakroz, we’re all about meeting women and finding out about their beauty routines. Each woman is unique, and so is her way of taking care of her skin. So, who better than women to talk about the beauty routine? Let’s go!


Welcome, please introduce yourselves…

Oanh: My name’s Oanh, I’m 47 years old. I’m a start-up entrepreneur supplying solutions to fight food-waste. I love reading books on neuroscience, history and economics.


Florence: I’m Florence, and I’m 51. I’m a marketing assistant for a chain of food stores. When I have the time for myself, I love walking, swimming, and a good restaurant with my friends.


So, before you tell us about your routines, what are your skin-types?

Oanh: I’ve got mixed skin!


Florence: Mine’s oily with a tendency for spots. My skin’s quite thick, so I don’t suffer from lines, but my dark circles are quite obvious.


Tell us about your beauty routine?

Oanh: Every day, I use an antioxidant emulsion, then a hydrating cream. And in the evenings, I remove my make-up with micellar water, followed by the same treatments as in the morning.

On Sundays I use a scrub, then a mask. I alternate masks according to my needs – so, hydration, radiance, etc.


Florence: For my beauty routine, I remove my make-up using a milk or micellar water, then I apply an eye-contour. I use hydrating cream, then an anti-blackhead cream.

Once a week I use a scrub, then a mask.

To finish, every month I take myself to the spa. It helps to restore my skin’s purity.


What’s the first thing you look for most in a beauty product?

Oanh: I like to test the product, whether that’s the scent or how it feels on my skin. The texture, the quality and the smell are all really important!


Florence: The products I buy need to have anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating properties.

I don’t always look whether they’re organic or not.


Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us?

Oanh: I think that with mixed skin I need to avoid over-moisturising to stop shine in my T-zone. That said, the more my skin is moisturised, the more the tone is the same, and the more supple it is. After I shower, I take the time to moisturise my body well.


Florence: My secret it cornflower water. It helps to unclog my facial skin, but also to reduce purple rings. I couldn’t live without it!


Which Lakroz products are best for Oanh and Florence?

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