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Une femme est unique et sa routine beauté le sera tout autant...

We’re welcoming Céline and Christelle to talk to us about their beauty routines. They both have a very different skin type. So, let’s take a look at what makes each of their rituals different… 

Hi, tell us about yourselves… 

Céline: My name’s Céline, I’m 42 and I’m a homemaker. I love baking, and I also love reading and watching series.

Christelle: I’m Christelle and I’m 43. I’m run a marketing consultancy and I’m also a trainer. I’m passionate about art, and I love visiting modern art galleries, drawing and painting. I’m lucky enough to live near the sea in Brittany, and I spend my time just walking on the beach.

So, before you tell us about your routines, what are your skin-types? 

Céline: I’ve got dry skin with some rosacea.

(Rosacea is a skin condition which attacks the small blood vessels in the face. It causes reddening in the face, particularly the cheeks). 

Christelle: I’d say my skin was mixed.

Tell us about your beauty routine?

Céline: I’m pretty minimalist in my routine, which it the same morning an evening. 

To cleanse my skin, I use micellar water, then I rinse with spring water. I dab my skin dry to avoid irritation, then I apply a moisturising cream for the reddening. I don’t really use masks or scrubs because of my sensitive skin.

Christelle: I also have a minimalist beauty routine. I remove my make-up with make-up remover milk, then I rinse with spring water. Next, I apply an organic moisturiser morning and night.

Every 10 days, I use a facial scrub with essential oils. And about twice a year I treat myself to a body-scrub at the spa. 

What’s the first thing you look for in a beauty product? 

Céline:  I always look to see if it’s suitable for my needs and my skin type first of all. Also, if I have the possibility to test it, I like to check the texture and the smell.

Christelle: I pay particular attention to the formulation. The more natural the product, the less perfume it contains, and the more likely I am to buy it. I use raw products like shea butter to moisturise my body. 

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us? 

Céline: Sadly, not. But good sleep and drinking plenty of water make a real difference to your skin. 

Christelle: I don’t have any miracle secrets to share, but I find natural products work really well for me. I love to go swimming in the sea, even when it’s cold. It helps with stress and with heavy legs. Salt water is good for my wellness, and you can see it in my face!

Even for dry and sensitive skin, our beauty products are gentle and help to deeply nourish your skin. Using natural products is your ticket to a soft, healthy-looking face and body.

What products do we recommend for Christelle and Céline?

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