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Une femme est unique et sa routine beauté le sera tout autant...

Each week, we highlight the beauty of women from different generations and different walks of life. This week, we met Patricia and Sophie who have been kind enough to answer our questions! Maybe you can adopt some of their beauty secrets, or an element of a beauty routine… Let’s go!  

Hi, tell us about yourselves… 

Patricia: My name’s Patricia and I’m 47 years old. I work in packaging sales. I’m passionate about wine and travel. I love to travel as it lets me discover new cultures, new horizons; it’s something I really treasure. 

Sophie: I’m Sophie and I’m 56. I always worked in retail for shoe or fashion brands. Lately, I’ve been working for a big name in sometics and makeup. What I love most is hosting my friends and family. I love sharing moments with people. My other passion is travel. Staying with the local people, tasting the local food …It’s really enriched my life!

Tell us about your beauty routine?

Patricia: My beauty routine is simple: In the morning I cleanse my skin with micellar water using cotton buds which contain small granules. They help to exfoliate my skin and cleanse it. About twice a month I use a facial scrub then a mask. 

Sophie: I started to take care of my skin at a very young age. My beauty ritual has changed over time, but it still just as important.  Each morning I rinse my face with water. Next, I apply a skin tonic with essential oils. I accompany this with an eye contour, then a hydrating serum. Every evening I take off my makeup using a solid makeup remover. Recently, I started using a “magic” sponge that I soak water and it removes any traces.  Next, I apply my tonic lotion, eye contour, my morning serum and then a hydrating cream.   And I use body cream all over, every day. It’s really important! I also give my face a massage, not forgetting my neck too. And for facial scrubs and masks, I use them once a week. Lastly, during the winter, I use a body scrub every couple of weeks.

What’s the first thing you look for in a beauty product? 

Patricia: The thing I look for first of all is that it’s natural. It’s really important for me to use products without chemicals and which are kind to my skin.  

Sophie: I like to use products made with fruits and oils. Otherwise, when I’m choosing a moisturising cream. I look for ones that contain aloe vera or coconut. It’s always a good sign! I try to choose natural products as much as possible, but I also have some products that contain chemicals. 

Do you have any beauty secrets to share with us?

Patricia: My fail-safe beauty secret is pure shea butter. I use it on sunburn, problem skin, on my hair, and to hydrate my skin. It really is a natural miracle product. I totally recommend you to try it! 

Sophie: My beauty secret to look my best is always having my eyebrows well pencilled and my lips hydrated. To finish, I also practice facial gymnastics. It doesn’t take long, and it really firms up my face. 

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