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A 100% Lakroz beauty routine

Our range of skincare products is created to meet the needs of your beauty routine from top to toe. Thanks to our choice of naturally-sourced ingredients, our products respond to the needs of every skin type.  Some of our ingredients, like desert date oil and shea butter help to soften your skin. While others, such as kinkeliba and wild grape offer amazingly effective antioxidant properties.   In order for your beauty routine to be as effective as possible, it’s essential to use good-quality products and to use them in the right way.  A complete beauty ritual, including facial scrubs and masks, is ideal up to twice a week. 

The complete beauty ritual for your face…

To start your complete beauty ritual, it’s essential to cleanse your skin, to prepare it for the various products you’ll use.  Our Fraîche Légèreté facial cleansing lotion is formulated with aloe vera and kinkeliba to help cleanse your skin of all surface impurities. It leaves your skin clean, fresh and ready for the next step.  So, bring on the facial scrub!  Lakroz Délicate Détox natural facial scrub eliminates impurities and dead skin. Apply it to clean, dry skin in small circles using a toning massage. Next, rinse off the facial scrub with fresh water using a cloth or a glove, then rinse a final time with cold water to close your pores. The cold water helps give your skin an extra look of freshness but also helps reduce skin oils.

After you have cleansed and exfoliated your skin, it’s important to soothe it using a hydrating mask. Lakroz Onctueux Apaisement face mask contains m’balaka oil and desert date oil. These have a proven antioxidant action and help banish spots and reddening.  Simply apply a fine layer to clean, dry skin, while still avoiding the contours of your eyes and mouth. Leave it to work for 30 minutes, or even overnight for amazingly hydrated skin.  If you decide to leave it on for a short time, rinse gently using cold water, just like you would for a facial scrub.  Just wait till you see what m’balaka oil can do for your skin… Even if the mask is deeply hydrating, don’t forget to use our Douce Protection natural day cream. Packed with anti-pollution active ingredients, this deeply moisturising cream acts as your shield against everything your environment can throw at you. Apply it by massaging gently for maximum absorption.

 Hint: Try this beauty ritual after a hot shower when your pores are fully open. Your beauty routine will be even more effective!

The complete beauty ritual for your body…

Your beauty ritual for your body is just as important.  Once or twice a week, gently exfoliate your body using our Lisse Pureté  Body Scrub. Formulated with baobab and desert date oil, it’s an effective way to gently soften your skin! Lisse Pureté is best used on clean dry skin.  After using the scrub, it’s important to nourish your skin with our Caresse Nourrissante body cream. This will leave your skin soft and supple. Like Lisse Pureté, Caresse Nourrissante is best applied to clean, dry skin.  In order to benefit from all its properties, gently massage it into your skin starting from from your toes up, to ensure this natural product is fully absorbed.  Formulated with nourishing plant oils and butters, it is perfect for very dry skin. This body cream is perfect for use morning and evening, leaving your skin incredibly soft. 

So, isn’t it time you adopted a 100% Lakroz beauty ritual? 


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